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“SAY MY NAME!” welcomes and thanks you for your interest and support. It is our direct intention to provoke awareness and promote tolerance specifically towards GAYS in BLACK the Community. And indeed to all humans alike black, white, gay and straight. We are truly thrilled and delighted to have you join us on this leading…

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Dorothea Smartt 1

Precious – by Dorothea Smartt

precious… like I’m old gold. Her hands heat places that cave in softly, to fine molten. Swirling I gleam like sunshine, sweat voices, sounds of her other lips sexy on my tongue. Turning with her sighs, she brings me back. Making me all new. Her body, polishing me – solid now – bright, again.

Robert Jones - Son of Baldwin

Son of Baldwin

The world is a dangerous place for people who are not heterosexual. From Uganda to the Ukraine to the United States of America, there has been a concerted and, unfortunately, effective effort on the part of homophobic cultures, governments, and peoples to erase non-heterosexuals from the face of the Earth. Aided by religion in some…

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My response to ‘Say My Name’

Having watched the film “Say My Name”, I’m reminded why I am so passionate about being clearly identifiable as a gay black man. The film brought back memories of the work related anxiety, stress and depression that I suffered for several years as a result of sustained homophobic and racist bullying. I challenged that abuse…

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I am in my early 40s, have been heterosexual, bisexual and now homosexual; a bachelor, married and divorced; black, white and mixed raced; African, European and Middle Eastern; local, emigrant and immigrant to use some common labels. I think each of these roles have greatly helped me in growing up, in becoming a very ‘uncommon’…

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Self Portrait Two – by Dr Valerie Mason-John

Self Portrait Two My queerness is part of my identity The joy of my chosen families My queerness is one of nature’s glories The flowering of my legacies My queerness is the African in me The taboo of my oppressors My queerness is being out of the closet The guilt of my queer bashers My…

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QUESTION? Why has no openly black gay celebrity ever graced the front cover of a Hip-Hop magazine? The current president of the USA is a black man, surely if ever there was a time it is now. Considering that that we’re in 2012 I am at a total lost as to why homosexuality is still…

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BAYARD RUSTIN Civil Rights Leader and Strategist was Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s right hand man. It was him that first implanted the idea of non violent peaceful resistance to Dr. King and he that masterminded the strategy of the Civil Rights Movement. If it wasn’t for him there would be no Martin Luther King…

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